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Monday, November 02, 2009

Militia Movement Infiltrates Six Nations - Part 1

November 2nd, 2009
By Al Carroll
Militia and “sovereign citizen” movement are making inroads within Six Nations communities, and possibly Anishnaabe and other Indian tribes as well. These groups spread bizarre New Age ideas from Afrocentrics, Black supremacist ideologies, Moorish Science, and other fake-Egyptian cults that undermine Native sovereignty, promoting distrust in actual American Indian legal claims, Native oral history traditions, and Six Nations elders.

These ideas pose a threat to the unity of the Six Nations. Native artists such as musician Billy Green, and rapper B-Chilla have all publicly stated their belief in the so-called Camel’s Eye Treaty, a conspiracy theory that claims all international law is bound by a treaty written 1600 years ago. In falling for such obviously fake history, some activists such as Monica Peters of Akwesasne Women’s Fire risk harming Six Nations’ causes by seeking to base them on fraudulent documents and misunderstanding of the law. They also associate with a variety of fringe characters harmful to Native peoples.

The "Sovran" Movement
The proponents of the “Sovran” movement include members of dangerous militias (one of whom worked to overthrow a government), alternative medicine, New Agers, and Quebec separatists. The central idea running through this movement is that a person can supposedly legally declare themselves sovereign, or in the movement’s bizarre misspelling, “Sovran,” and thus be beyond all laws. Sorry, but the real world does not work that way, and the only likely result is that you will go to jail. Judges and prosecutors will just be amused at how little you understand both the law and the real world.

The “Sovran” movement is centered on a “clan” with an extremely long title, the Divine Creator Ordained Sovran Signatory Clan-Mothers Daughter Of The Great Spirit Of The Divine Supreme In Law Tacit Court For The Sovran Unity Nations Embassy. The address of this "embassy" is an office in Lakeside, California, northwest of Sacramento. One of the names on the site is Ernestine Trudeau, who claims to be an Anishnaabe elder, though no reservation or reserve of hers is mentioned.

While the “Sovran Clan” poses as Native, most other leaders at the “embassy” are non-Native. The president is Brian Sawer-Foner, a graduate student and Green Party candidate in McGill, Canada. Their "chief justice" is another non-Native, Mario Antonacci, an entertainer who actually bills himself as the "World's Craziest Man." On the Sovran site he gives legal advice straight from the sovereign citizen movement on how to make yourself autonomous as a "steward" of theirs.

The Sovran group has “Departments of Technology” and sells “Quantum Healing,” “Orgonite Pendants,” “Healing Machines to cure cancer,” and an “Energy Auto Charging Device to restructure the molecules of the OGM Foods.” For various fees from fifty to 300 dollars, plus annual fees of twelve more dollars, you can get different IDs and license plates. Their store is largely altmedicine, including pyramids and "implant killers." Someone needs to tell them The Matrix was just a movie.

The Sovran group will also give you advice on the IRS, have a Security Department and another called, “Formation and Guiding Department for all new Ambassadors.” There is also a department called Hemp Industry, and another called Earth Healing.

The Sovran group uses false versions of Native prophecies from a virtual Who's Who of New Age frauds, including:
Adam DeArmon AKA "Adam Yellowbird of Sedona," a white New Age healer.

Roy Steevensz AKA “Roy Littlesun,” a Dutch-Indonesian man claiming to be a Hopi elder who is barred from the Hopi Nations for disrupting their ceremonies

Aurelio Diaz AKA Tekpankalli, who claims to be Purapecha, but has an Aztec name.

The Sovran group claims to have “embassies” all over the US and Canada, and seeks to establish more in Europe and Latin America. Often they have “embassies” for a state, province, or even a small town. In Six Nations Mohawk Territory, the “Ambassador” is Bill Squire. The “Ambassador” for Oka is Patricia Delisle. Their “Ambassador” for Montreal is also their “chief justice” Mario Antonacci. Most bizarre of all is their “Ambassador” for the Lakota Nation, Lyle Christensen, is based in Garland, Texas.

Groups that Sovran works with include secessionists like the Quebec Patriotic Militia, who in their words, “offer a force of structured intervention that will protect against an…invader that would want to assimilate the people,” and tax resisters on the far right like the De Tax Canada Forum. This Sovran group also hopes to become an offshore banking site. Someone cynical might say they hope to attract money laundering operations. The legality of this venture is dubious at best.

An associated Sovran group is Freedom Files. The group is led by “Mary Ann Blackshear -Monarch Matriarch, Most High Maiden Holding the Court of Life, Clerk, Executive Ambassador, Postmaster, Notary.” Harriet Blackshear is the "Mother of the Most High Maiden" etc, etc, while Deana Marie Armstrong Blackshear is the “Sister of the Most High Maiden” etc etc. Marie Ernestine Trudeau is their “Flowing River Ambassador” while Marie Bouche is their “Sunflower Ambassador.” Karen Anne McDonald is their plain old “Ambassador.” (What happened, Karen?) Jessie Walker Tidwell Blackshear is their, “Annointed Ones Spirit Walking Upon the Earth Diplomatic Minister.” Seriously!

Do the Sovran groups really expect anyone to take their pretensions seriously? Their titles only seem to show they play Dungeons and Dragons too much, or that they can’t tell a Renaissance Fair from real life. Meanwhile their dubious cures virtually guarantee the ill health of their victims and the legal intervention of health authorities.

Even more outright dangerous is the involvement of a member one of the worst militia groups in North America. Navin Naidu AKA “Chief Judge Silver Eagle” was the “tribal judge” and economic advisor for the Little Shell Pembinas, a militia posing as an American Indian tribe. The Pembinas are described by the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group filled with anti government extremists. Naidu was once the lawyer for George Speight, who led an unsuccessful coup in Fiji and was charged with treason. Naidu was deported from Fiji for falsely claiming a certificate to practice law.

Now Navin Naidu calls himself Aidun N.C. Naidu and is the “tribal judge” for a group calling itself the Tuscarora Signatory Indian Tribe. Naidu also calls himself “Presiding Elder” for Word in Action Ministry, another group listed as affiliated with militias by the Anti Defamation League.

The real Tuscarora tribe is based in upstate New York. Tuscaroras also live in the traditional homeland of North Carolina. But this “signatory tribe” gives a mailing address in Onaway, Michigan. The phone number for the “tribe” is an unpublished landline based in Grayling, Michigan. Why would a supposed tribe use someone's phone in another city, and keep the name hidden? Grayling is not that close to Onaway, it's two counties over. Another number for the “tribe” is another unpublished number that is actually a cell phone based all the way down in Lumberton, North Carolina.

Taken together, these “Sovran” groups undermine sovereignty for actual Indian tribal nations, spreading confusion with their fantasy role playing, moneymaking schemes of doubtful legality, and attempts to usurp the place of rightful tribes.

Dr. Al Carroll is a historian, Fulbright Scholar, and activist, helping found the hatewatch group New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) at He is the author of Medicine Bags and Dog Tags: American Indian Veterans from Colonial Times to the Second Iraq War from University of Nebraska Press.

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